Rosemary Potatoes- February 22 Update

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman, I want to make an addition to my Pho recipe from last week. You also needs lots of fresh chopped basil. -The weather prevented me from attending the Breakfast for Legislators at Providence Creek Academy and the Hartly Fire Co. breakfast. I was, however, able to attend the Joint Sunset Committee […]

Duck Bacon- January 25th Update

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman, This previous week, the governor gave his annual State of the State address. I am very interested to know what you think. During the speech, he mentioned that he would like to see a law much like my House Bill 19 passed into law. I look forward to working with his […]

January Update- Eggs in a hole

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman, We are back in this week. It is an honor to serve the good people of the 11th District in the 148th General Assembly. -Please join me for lunch at Little Italy Pizza Shop on Main St. in Townsend from 12-1 p.m. tomorrow (Monday, January 12). Tea and soda is on […]

Oven Roasted Ribs

Friends for Jeff Spiegelman, I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. Please have a happy and safe New Year. -Over the last couple of weeks we have had meetings with constituents, a breakfast at Hartly, a dedication of the new Clayton fire station, and more. MARK YOUR CALENDAR – We’ve set up our next […]